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The Flower of Monemvasia Hotel & Apartments

There are two ways for someone to approach Monemvasia and Flower Hotel:

• From the International Airport of Athens “El. Venizelos” and

• From Kalamata Airport which is nearest

After that, you follow the highway from Athens to Monemvasia in a distance of 320 km and from Kalamata 160 km, by your personal vehicle, rental car, TAXI, or by bus.

In many cases and with the less money, our Hotel can arrange for you your transportation from the airport and back, and also, can provide all the information you need to find a vehicle and many other services.

In any case you have to contact us and we will provide you all the necessary information.

The Flower of Monemvasia Hotel & Apartments

Address: 23070 Monemvasia, Laconia

Tel. +30 27320 61395

Fax +30 27320 61391