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The Castle of Monemvasia


Liotrivi Historical Mansion


Talanta Water-mill


Crystal blue waters


Castania Caves

petrified forest

Petrified Forest


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A few words about the land and the people...

The most beautiful area of South- Eastern Laconia, full of people, history and colors.

Into the light blue waters of Aegean and Laconic bay and under the brightful, warm sun, this region have inspired the most famous Greek poets..

With the gold green olive trees, the world-wide known vineyards and, also, the variety of beautiful beaches…

The villages, all around, are placed between the olive trees, the vineyards and the sea with the hospitality, the simplicity and the kindness of their people, ready to tell you everything about the history of the place and guide you at every site in every corner of their homeland…

Area & Activities

The area of Monemvasia is an ideal place for those who love to explore! A visitor has the advantage to visit so many beautiful and unique villages by using as a starting point the “Flower Hotel”. Gerakas, Kyparissi, Elia, Plytra, Neapoli and Elafonisos are some ideal destinations which offer plenty of sandy and sunny beaches, a combination of mountain and sea, caves and beautiful small natural ports, all in a very close distance but so different and unique….

The Castle of Monemvasia

The Old Town of Monemvasia was built on a big Rock. The only entrance from the land is a very small lane, like a natural bridge, which gave the name to the town.

The city established at 583 to protect the habitants from the invasions of Avars and Slavs. Monemvasia, over the years, changed hands of many conquerors like Byzantines, Venetians and Turkish but, finally became free at 23 July 1821.

The area was a medieval fortress and for that reason, the remaining buildings include defensive structures like walls and a plenty of byzantine churches. Nowadays, by entering into the town, the main road ends to the Main Square with the great cannon and the historical church of Christ Elkomenos (Christ in chains).

The residence of the well-known Greek poet Giannis Ritsos is, also, into the town on the left of the gates.

castle castle

Liotrivi Historical Mansion

Just 10 minutes away from the Flower of Monemvasia hotel, you can find the historical Mansion “TO LIOTRIVI”.

In a magical environment, surrounded by the famous vineyards and olive groves of Monemvasia, “To Liotrivi” represents a major point of interest of the entire area. The old Mansion, built in the 18th century, was the farm house of the worldwide known Greek poet, Giannis Ritsos and after functioned as an olive-oil mill. In the ground floor, you will have a guided tour in the old olive-oil mill Museum. A few steps away, in the upper floor, you can take a walk in the past, meeting the big poet Giannis Ritsos thru his books, in an exclusive area dedicated to him. Learn the secrets of the Greek cuisine in a unique atmosphere, by helping the experienced cook in making the traditional Greek bread in a wood oven. Taste the famous “Monemvasia Wines” from the big variety you will have exposed, next to the handmade local products, in the Wine-Cellar and choose your own bottle of wine to accompany the traditional Greek tastes from the restaurant.

Talanta Watermill

Talanta village is situated in a very close distance to Velies and Liotrivi Historical Mansion, about 20km away. It is a very small village on the side of the mountains. There, you can find the famous Watermill which is third in order from the 13 watermills inside the gorge and the only one completely renovated. Following the road through the village, and after 400m of walking into the untouched nature, full of trees and running water, you get right in front of the watermill. Then, “Barba Giannis”, the miller of the area, will share with you his secret methods, the tradition and history of the watermill.

The oil mill at Liotrivi and the watermill at Talanta are two attractions of the area, which combined, offers to travelers a trip back to the past and tradition of the Greek people.


A very interesting idea for those who visit Monemvasia, is the short trips to the surroundings of Monemvasia and Laconia in general.

Within 60 km from Monemvasia, and worthing the long trip, you will find Kyparissi wonderful village that combines in a very pleasant way two characteristics: the mountain and the sea. The gorges Parnona mountain offers to the traveler an unforgettable experience by ending in front of the big blue, surrounded by gold-sand beaches.

A charming stop on the way, is Gerakas, a natural fiord and an old pirate cove . Gerakas is a very small village in a short distance from Monemvasia, at north- east, with a graphical port and a big lagoon where you can walk on the side between the small stores and the Greek fish taverns.


For those who want to explore the entire area of Monemvasia, very beautiful destinations are the villages Elia, Plytra, Archangelos.These three small villages are built right above the coast and are very close to each other and to Monemvasia, giving you the opportunity to visit them in one day.Starting the trip from Elia, continue to Plytra and ending at Archangelos, these places will put a spell on with the small graphical ports, the impressive beaches and the kind people.Elia and Plytra are famous for the two greatest beaches of the whole area: Tigania and Pachia Ammos beach which are extremely organized, with clean waters and attract every year a lot of people from many places. They have also two of the most beautiful ports of the entire area, full of taverns, restaurants, cafeterias etc. in addition, at Plytra, someone can visit the remains of the ancient city of Asopos, which have sank into the sea.At the end, in the small village of Archangelos, you can admire the wild natural beauty of the beaches and the small port surrounded from the boats of the local fishermen and “catch up” with them while you enjoy your Greek coffee or the fresh fish right out from the sea.

Neapoli & Elafonisos

Neapoli is the edge of Laconia. Almost one hour away from Monemvasia, this city can offer to the travelers a lot of different choices.It has a big, busy port which connects to Kythira. The long road over the seaside full of big trees is an ideal place for walking and relaxing at the restaurants, café and bars nearby. There are, also, a lot of magnificent beaches not only in the center but also in the villages around like Viglafia and Neratziona beach.The area provides great interest for those who love to explore the nature, because of the many villages around the mountains with a big number of caves, rich growth and forests, for example the Cave of Castania and the Petrified Forest of Agia Marina. An ideal destination after visiting Neapoli and just a few minutes away, is the island of Elafonisos. With ferry boat in a very often schedule from the Pounta beach you can pass across the island in 10 minutes.Elafonisos is a very small island with a few habitants and its small port is full of beautiful, tiny fishing boats and traditional Greek taverns witch serve fresh fish. Although, the island is widely famous for the exotic and amazing beach of Simos with light blue, shallow waters and blonde sand. Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world visit Simos to enjoy swimming at the bluest transparent waters. Another beach with similar beauty but not so famous is Panagia beach at the opposite side of the island.

Castania Cave & Petrified Forest

Twenty minutes away from Neapoli you can find the Cave of Castania, a wonderful place of natural beauty. The Cave is totally accessible by land and it has been classified as the second in the order from the other similar caves in all Europe. It offers to the visitor endless, spectacular images of colors and shapes and excites the imagination by seeing what nature can create.Nature created the Cave of Castania after three million years and that is the result: great fossils, disks, flat stalagmites, eccentrics and elicits that compose the whole scene and impress the visitors.The Cave extends in an area of 1500 square kilometers, separated in two levels and the visitors walk in a distance of 500 meters in a one-hour lasting tour.Staying in the same area, at the southern of the Cave, one can find the Petrified Forest of Agia Marina. This place is a natural monument, extremely interesting because of its geological phenomena. After enormous geological changes over the years and many natural disasters, like volcano explosions, all the organic elements of the entire area ware petrified and transformed into stone “creatures”. Do an interesting trip and you will be fully rewarded with an unforgettable experience with the unique and beautiful natural creations that you’ve ever seen before!