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                                                                    Castle of Monemvasia 

                                                                                                                             Liotrivi Historical Mansion

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                                                                                       Beaches of the Myrtoan Bay

                                                                                                      (Recommended for the days the winds are blowing from the south)

  • Kastraki 

The beach is located on the road to Geraka close to the village of Agios Ioannis, it consists of a sandy beach with clean waters and is recommended for families. The beach is not organized with umbrellas and beach chairs but there is a large forest with tall trees that make it ideal for a picnic.

  • Pori

A sandy beach, 3 km north of the Castle of Monemvasia where a small part of the beach is organized with a cantina, umbrellas, and beach chairs during July and August.

  • Gefira Beach

In the settlement of Gefira acroos the Castle of Monemvasia you will find an organized beach with small pebbles that has been awarded the blue flag. You will also find easy parking, restaurants, cafes, and ice cream shops.

  • Ampelakia

Six kilometers south of the Castle of Monemvasia, on the way to Neapoli, this is a sandy beach in a small bay that is organized in the summer months with cantina, beach chairs and umbrellas.

                                                                                               Beaches of Neapoli

                                                                                                    (Recommended on the days that the winds are blowing from the north)


  • Main Beach

The main beach consists of a large sandy beach, on the coastline of Neapoli, awarded with the blue flag, with organized parts, ready to welcome you during all of the summer months. It is situated near many restaurants, stores and cafes.

  • Magganos

Another sandy and clean beach on the road from Neapoli towards Elafonissos, in the center of the village of Agios Georgios. The beach is organized with a cantina, beach chairs and umbrellas as well as a very tranquil part which is recommended for those who want peace and relaxation.

  • Pounta

This beach is located near to the small port of Pounta where the boats leave for the island of Elafonissos. On the east side of the port you will find this very sandy beach with turquoise waters that reaches all the way to Pavlopetri (the sunken city that dates back to around 2800 B.C). On the rear side of the beach you will find Lake Stroggyli, which is protected wetland that is home to many species of migrating birds.

                                                                                       Beaches of the Laconic Bay

                                                                                                   (Recommended on the days that the winds are blowing from the east)
  • Marathia

Beautiful, organized beach in the village of Marathia, south of Elika, with clean waters and easy access. Near this beach you will also find many other smaller ones many restaurants and cafes.

  • Archangelos

In this lovely settlement you will find a stunning beach with clean and shallow waters awarded with the blue flag around the Archangelo Bay. With permament umbrellas that work all year round, it is recommended for families with children because very close you will find restaurants and cafes with easy access. On the road from Archangelos to Plitra you will find many other small and beautiful beaches.

  • Plitra

The cosmopolitan beach that is popular and known for its sandy beach and shallow waters. With many choices of food, coffees, ice cream and events. It has been awarded the blue flag and there s a lifeguard present. You will find this beach in the village of Plitra where you will find many different choices for restaurants and tourist shops that are open mostly in the summer months. The beach is organizes with beach chairs and umbrellas.

  • Mpozas

In the village of Asopos, you will find a secluded, clean and beautiful beach that is ideal for families and for those who want to gaze at the sunset. Here you will find food and coffee as well as beach volley ball court in which every July a volley ball tournament takes place.


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