Liotrivi Historical Mansion

The beautiful historical estate, Liotrivi ,is a place of getting to know natural beauties, history and
tradition. It is hidden among the famous vineyards and olive groves of Monemvasia. The estate was built
during the Byzantine times and was used as a winery for the production of the famous Malvasian Wine.
Throughout the years of the Turkish rule, the estate was home to various Turkish war officers, then it was
restructured around the year of 1750 before the Greek revolution. For around 100 years this estate was
home to the Ritsos Family, with its last resident being the famous Greek poet, Yiannis Ritsos.
The historic estate changed its function in 1929.At that time it became a traditional olive oil press until
1967.It was renovated once again between the years 2004-2009 and today it serves as a historical mansion
that teaches its rich history and traditions to the public. You can participate in a tour in the olive oil
museum, the wine cellar. At Liotrivi,you can participate in various activities such as wine tasting ,cooking
classes, and olive oil tasting. You can Purchase local hand-made products based on local recipes which pass
down from generation to generation, such as jam, Greek honey or extra virgin olive oil. At the restaurant you
will be able to enjoy lunch or dinner, famous for its traditional cuisine.


23 July 1821 Monemvasia


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